Christian Gilissen Ph.D.


General Information

Street / P.O. BoxGeert Grooteplein 10, 848
Zip code6525 GA
CountryThe Netherlands
Phone number(s)+31 (0)24 3668160
Fax+31 (0)24 3668752

More Information

"Christian Gilissen studied computer sciences at the Radboud University Nijmegen after which he started his PhD in 2006 at the department of Human genetics of the Radboud University Medical Hospital in Nijmegen under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Joris Veltman and Prof. Dr. Han Brunner. He obtained his PhD in 2012 on ``Disease gene identification through Next Generation Sequencing'', for which he received the Dutch bioinformatics young researcher award. After his PhD he continued his work in Nijmegen as a post-doctoral researcher and worked for 3 months at the Computational Biology Group at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, under supervision of Prof. Peter Robinson. In 2013 he received a personal Veni grant from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research to develop novel methodologies based on normal variation in order to predict gene function and the impact of mutations. He was admitted to the Radboud Galilei Track aimed at excellent Postdocs and Medical Specialists, on their way to a junior Principal Investigator position and in 2014 obtained a permanent position in Nijmegen. In 2014 he received the international Isabelle Oberlé award at the European Society of Human genetics for his work on genome sequencing of patients with intellectual disability that was published Nature. His work was also rewarded by the young investigator award of the Dutch Society of Human Genetics."

Projects Involved

High-throughput medical resequencing of candidate disease genes and genomic regions

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