Bert de Vries MD Ph.D.

Clinical geneticist

General Information

Street / P.O. BoxGeert Grooteplein 10, 849
Zip code6525 GA
CountryThe Netherlands
Phone number(s)+31 (0)24 3613946
Fax+31 (0)24 3668753

More Information

"Since 2001, I am working as a clinical geneticist in Nijmegen. For more than 15 years the central theme of my research has been the clinical and molecular study of Mental Retardation in order to increase insight in the aetiology of this common disorder. For this ongoing research on Mental Retardation a VIDI grant from ZonMw was received in 2007. In Nijmegen I have been involved in the implementation of micro array technology in a diagnostic setting and the identification of several novel microdeletion and duplication syndromes. In addition, I am co-founder and partner of ECARUCA ( which is a database dealing with chromosomal aberrations and clinical phenotypes."

Projects Involved

Genomic profiling in mental retardation,
Identifying dosage sensitive genes causing mental retardation

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